Joe Howry



Ventura, CA


Island Park, ID

Joe Howry

Joe was raised in Southern California Learning to Fly Fish at the age of 6. He would frequently travel to the Owens River in the Eastern Sierras in the hopes to catch a baetis hatch or a good nymph bite. He and his family would travel to Montana every summer for a few weeks at a time to visit family and, of course, fish the native trout streams along the way. Starting at young age, Joe has always been patient and passionate about fly fishing. Permanatly moving from the beaches of Ventura, California to the Mountains of Island Park, Idaho, Joe has become not only a guide but also the Assistant Manager of the fly shop. When he isn't running around the lodge helping guests and customers or changing light bulbs, Joe can be found stalking rising fish on the Ranch or rowing his drift boat down the lower river with friends and his longest fishing partner, his Father.