Chris Andelin



Ogden, UT


Island Park, ID

Chris Andelin

Chris, or Grizz as some call him, has been exploring and fishing the diverse waters of the West for well over 25 years. Spending the majority of his younger years in northern Utah made it easy to center his focus on the diverse waters of the greater Yellowstone area. With an adventurous spirit, he is always searching out that new stretch of water and less pressured trout. He made the jump to full time guiding in the spring of 2016, after a five year stint managing the famous TroutHunter fly shop, where he gained imperial knowledge of the area waters and the logistics of a successful guide trip.

Whether your desire is the more famous stretches of the Henry's Fork, or branching out to discover lesser known gems in the area, Chris provides fantastic fishing coupled with a comprehensive learning experience in majestic environs. Believing strongly in the protection of the resource which provides him so much joy, he conducts himself on a foundation of conservation, tradition and strong principles of angler ethic. Never taking for granted the beauty of healthy wild trout or their habitat. Chris, his wife Kristen, and their trusted bearded collie "Nacho" reside year around near the banks of the Henry's Fork. To fill his time during the "shoulder" seasons, Chris enjoys skiing, writing, and swinging two handed rods for steelhead and local trout. He is a proud member of the CF Burkheimer promotional staff.