TJ Powell



Columbus, OH


Island Park, ID

TJ Powell

TJ was born and raised in Ohio where he cut his fly fishing teeth on the local bass, musky, and Great Lakes steelhead. It was clear to see from an early age that TJ was a natural. Six years ago and straight out of college, an opportunity arose, and he made his way out West to Henry’s Fork country. With ambitions and expectations set high to be a guide, TJ spent every free moment studying the fluid intricacies and honing his skills on the area waters. In 2013, he joined the TroutHunter family. His keen understanding of local entomology, water conditions, and boat work gives TJ a clear advantage needed to unlock the secrets of our technical fisheries. Couple this with TJ’s engaging personality and pride, and any angler is sure to have a top notch day on the water.