Pat Gaffney



Meriden, CT


Victor, ID

Pat Gaffney

For four years Pat wore a suit and tie, shaved daily, and worked long hours in a tiny, windowless office as an associate attorney. In April 2007, he escaped corporate America, packed his truck and headed West in pursuit of his passion for fly fishing. By August, he was guiding trips for TroutHunter on waters he first fished as a teenager. Pat married his wife, whom he met at TroutHunter, in a 2009 riverside ceremony, and together they have two beautiful daughters. He is TroutHunter’s busiest guide due to his tireless work ethic, quick smile, endless patience, and uncanny ability to exceed expectations. Pat can help you achieve your angling goals whether stalking rainbows on the Ranch with dry flies and light tippet, ripping huge streamers in search of the ultimate predator, or simply introducing basics to beginners. Pat is on the Hatch Reels and R.L. Winston Rods pro staffs and is a fly designer for Rainy’s Flies. Pat spends his winters snowmobile guiding around the Jackson area, hanging with the family, tying flies, and dreaming of his next saltwater trip.