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The 2023 Season on the Harriman Ranch

Read John McDaniel's thoughts and data here:The report will open as a printable PDF. Feel free to comment below on this page.


The 2022 Season on the Harriman Ranch

The 2022 Season on the Harriman RanchIn 2022, Ranch fishing was the worst I have experienced over 40 consecutive years and more than 14,800 hours of angling and guiding. An index of how recently a...


2021 Annual Ranch Report

2021 Annual Ranch Report Fishing was generally good throughout the summer and early fall. We had good Green Drakes on 15 June and they hatched daily, through 27 June. During the period, there...


The 2020 Season on the Harriman Ranch

Ranch fishing during the year of COVID-19 was productive; however, that was balanced by significant declines in some species of aquatic and terrestrial insects which, as I shall address in detail...


The 2019 Season on the Harriman Ranch

The 2019 season provided periods of excellent fishing. My clients and I landed 149 good rainbows in 513 hours on the water. (From this point forward each time I address a “rainbow” or a...


The 2018 Season on the Harriman Ranch

Fishing in 2018 was better than in 2017. Between 15 June and 14 September, my clients and I landed 106 rainbows of seventeen inches or longer. The figure is almost twice the number we landed in 2017...


The 2017 Season on the Harriman Ranch

The 2017 season was defined by both positives and negatives concerning the health of our fishery and the quality of our fishing. We had better numbers of a few species of aquatic insects...


The 2016 Season on the Harriman Ranch

From 2012 through 2015, it was fun to write my annual report on Ranch fishing.  This year it is difficult.  My clients and I invested more than 400 hours on the water between 15 June...

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The 2015 Season on the Harriman Ranch

General Comments 2015 provided the eighth straight year of good fishing on the Ranch; however, there were more periods of tough fishing than in any summer since 2007.  I invested 485 hours...

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2014 Ranch Recap

2014 Ranch Recap by John McDaniel    General Comments   During 2014, I fished and guided on the Ranch from 15 June until 15 September.  I invested 584 hours on the water...